If you can't list NFL tickets on StubHub, follow these steps:

Listing tickets on the StubHub app? Make sure you're using the most updated version

Step #1: Double-check the info you entered when listing matches your tickets
  • Did you enter barcodes for the right event and date?
  • Are the characters and number of digits in the barcode correct? Sometimes an 'S' can look like a 5.
  • Do the section, row, and seat numbers match your ticket? 
  • Is the section you have tickets for in the dropdown menu?
  • Did you complete your default account info? Click or tap 'My tickets' then Settings. Click the ‘Contact’ tab to check. On the StubHub app, tap 'My tickets.' Tap the first drop-down menu and select 'Settings,' then the second drop-down menu and select 'Contact.' If something's missing, click the pencil to make any edits.

Step #2: Barcode delivery isn't available for some NFL games. What game do you have tickets for?
  • Barcode delivery applies to preseason, regular season, playoff games, and Pro Bowl
  • It doesn’t include international games, the Super Bowl, or parking passes

Step #3: Do you have season tickets?
  • You can't list a season ticket package on StubHub. You must list each game separately.
  • See if the sell button in your season ticket account is active. If it's not, contact the team account manager to fix the issue.
  • Your barcodes may change once the team refreshes your account
  • If you're on a payment plan, pay off your season tickets to have the barcodes added to your account

Entering all the right info and still can't list? Contact the vendor where you originally bought tickets.