Listing tickets on

  • With a Canadian billing address: An added tax will be applied to your final payout at the Set your price page 
  • Ontario-based events
    • When listing, you must include the face value of the tickets you’re selling
    • You’ll see the disclosure that Ontario law limits resale price to 50% of face value
    • You’ll tell us what kind of seller you are. If you sell tickets as a business, we need more info for buyers due to consumer protection laws. We won’t show your contact info.
Buying tickets on 
  • With a Canadian billing address: At checkout, you’ll see an added tax line in the Order total section. You’ll also see this breakdown on your order receipt.
  • StubHub gift cards are only valid for orders in USD
  • Based in Quebec? We’ll include the fees when you’re browsing for tickets
Ontario-based events
  • Sellers are required to show the face value of the tickets they listed
  • Click Seller's legal information for more details if the tickets were listed by a professional seller