Screenshots may not be a valid delivery method for your event. Check before trying to upload a screenshot to a listing or share a ticket screenshot with friends or family.

Step #1: Taking a screenshot with a mobile phone

  1. Use your phone to view your tickets from the primary ticket company
  2. Make sure the QR code, section, row, and seat numbers are fully visible on your screen before taking the screenshot
  3. Take a screenshot of each ticket you’re selling if you have more than one. How you take a screenshot depends on the type of iPhone you have:
    • Press the hold (or on/off) button and home button at the same time. If you see a flash, the screenshot was taken and saved to your Photos
    • Press the hold (or on/off) button and the volume up button at the same time 

Step #2: Uploading your screenshot to StubHub

  1. Type in a mobile browser (not the StubHub app)
  2. Select 'Sell' and search for the event you're selling
  3. Choose your event and tap 'Start listing'
  4. Select the ticket quantity and if you have a parking pass. Continue filling out the info.
  5. Under 'What type of tickets are you listing?' select 'Mobile ticket'
  6. Select 'Ready to upload' then 'Upload tickets'
  7. Select all screenshots needed for the listing. Tap 'Done.'

After uploading your mobile screenshot tickets, finish listing to make your tickets available on StubHub.