When you list PDF tickets on StubHub, it means you have the original, electronic .PDF file on your computer or phone. You're not allowed to make your own PDF file from paper ticket scans, photos, or copies.

  • You can upload a PDF file while listing, after creating the listing, or once the tickets sell
  • If your PDF file contains more tickets than you're selling, you can choose which to upload and which to keep

Pre-delivering tickets

If you upload tickets to a listing before someone buys it, you're pre-delivering the tickets. This means if the tickets sell, you won't need to do anything because the buyer automatically gets the tickets shortly after the order goes through.

Uploading PDF tickets on a computer

While listing the tickets 

  1. Under 'What type of tickets are you listing' select 'PDF tickets' 
  2. Choose 'Ready to upload' then 'Upload tickets'

After listing but before the tickets sell

  1. Go to 'My tickets' then Listings
  2. Find the listing
  3. Click 'See actions.' Select 'Upload tickets.'

After the tickets sold

  1. Go to 'My tickets' then Sales
  2. Find the sale
  3. Click 'Upload tickets'

Uploading PDF tickets on the StubHub app

Step #1: Go to the listing or sale

If you're in the listing process

  1. Under 'What type of tickets are you selling,' select 'Electronic tickets (PDF)' 
  2. Then choose 'Yes, I'm ready to upload'

After listing but before the tickets sell

  1. Tap 'Sell' then 'Active listings'
  2. Tap the listing 
  3. Tap 'Upload tickets'

After the tickets sold

  1. Go to 'Sell' then 'Sales'
  2. Find the sale
  3. Tap 'Upload tickets'

Step #2: Upload the PDF files from your phone to your listing or sale

iPhone users

  1. Open the PDF file and share it
  2. Find the StubHub icon (tap 'More' if you don't see it). Enable StubHub and tap 'Done.'
  3. Tap the StubHub icon to start uploading

Android users

  • Open the PDF file on your phone
  • In the share menu, tap the StubHub icon to start uploading, or tap 'Select PDF' and follow the steps

If you're getting an error when uploading, we recommend reviewing Issues uploading PDF tickets to a StubHub listing or sale to troubleshoot.