See your StubHub account's payment settings by going to 'Profile' then Settings (on the StubHub app, tap 'My tickets.' Then tap the first drop-down menu to select 'Settings.'). The 'Payment' tab is automatically open. 

To set one payment method as your default, under 'Payment options for selling tickets,' select the 3 dots next to the one you want as a default and then 'Set as default.'

See Getting paid for your StubHub sale for info about when to expect payment.

How sellers get paid

At a listing's 'Set Your Price' page, you'll use the drop-down menu under 'Payout Method' to choose how to get paid

  • PayPal: Enter the PayPal account email address
  • Direct deposit: After listing your tickets, go to your Settings. Under 'Payment options for selling tickets,' select 'Add New Payment Method' and choose 'Bank transfer.'
    • Use the drop-down menus to select the currency, bank, type of account, and enter your bank details. If you don't see your bank listed in the drop-down menu, choose 'Other' in the middle of the list (it's in alphabetical order) 
    • Important: You'll be paid in the currency you listed your tickets in. It's important to make sure your bank account accepts payments in that currency. 
  • Payoneer prepaid card: Link an existing account or sign up for Payoneer. Payments are sent to a prepaid MasterCard. You can choose to withdraw the funds in the currency of your choice from an ATM, or use it in stores or online (wherever MasterCard is accepted).