StubHub can identify buyers interested in buying seats like the ones you're listing at a certain price. If we find a match, we’ll show you the offer when you're listing.

 You can choose to:

  • Accept the offer and complete your sale
  • Decline the offer and list your ticket at your preferred price

If I accept the offer, will you guarantee my tickets are sold?
We still need to ensure you're a trusted seller. Once you successfully complete all the listing steps, your sale is successful. However, if your listing doesn't meet our user agreement standards, we can cancel the sale at any time.  
Where can I see if my sale is finalized?
A. Look for a sale notification email in your inbox
B. Visit your 'My Orders' page
  1. Go to 'My tickets' then Sales
  2. View your sales

Can I counter the offer with a price of my own?

No. Once we present the offer while you're listing, you can either accept or decline it. 

Can I cancel the offer before I submit the listing?

Yes. If you accept the offer, you may cancel it before submitting the listing. If you decline the offer, you must price the ticket on your own before you create the listing. 

Can I cancel the offer after I’ve finalized my order?

No. Once the order is finalized, you agree to the offer terms. We'll notify the buyer.