When listing on StubHub, you can pre-deliver E-Tickets and some Mobile tickets if you have them in hand. 

Doing this turns the listing into an Instant download (E-Tickets) ticket. This means if they sell, they're automatically sent to the buyer. You don't need to do anything else since you already delivered the tickets. Tickets listed as Instant download stay on site longer than ones that aren't pre-delivered.

To list tickets as Instant delivery

  1. When entering the ticket details, choose 'Enter barcode(s) now' or 'Upload now'
  2. Pre-deliver the tickets by entering the barcodes or uploading the PDF files
  3. Continue until the tickets are listed

To update a listing to Instant delivery

This means you originally chose 'Enter barcode(s) later' or 'Upload later' when listing the tickets. If you get the tickets, you can update the listing to Instant delivery before they sell.

  1. Go to 'My tickets' then Listings (on the StubHub app, tap the first drop-down menu to see it)
  2. Find your listing. Select 'See actions' then 'Enter barcodes' or 'Upload Tickets'
  3. Enter the barcodes or upload the tickets
  4. Select 'Upload'