Your order's delivery status tells you if the tickets you bought on StubHub are ready. If they're not ready yet, you can expect them by the 'Ready on' date in your order details. 

  1. Go to 'My tickets' then Orders
  2. Review your order's ticket type and what its current status means (see below)

Mobile transfer tickets

  • Ready on: The tickets will be available on this date. We'll email you when they're ready with steps to accept the ticket transfer.
  • Order ConfirmedWe've told the seller the tickets sold. They'll transfer your tickets to the email by the 'Ready on' date.
  • Tickets transferred: The tickets were transferred and we emailed you steps to claim them. Review Getting your Mobile transfer tickets to walk you through it.

Mobile tickets
  • Order Confirmed: Your tickets will be ready to scan from your phone by the 'Ready on' date
  • Download Mobile Tickets: Scan the tickets from the StubHub app

Electronic or Instant download tickets
  • It can take up to 1 hour until they're ready
  • Order Confirmed: Your tickets will be ready to print by the 'Ready on' date
  • Tickets ready for download: Select 'Get tickets' to view and print

Paper tickets
  • Order Confirmed: Your tickets haven't shipped yet 
  • In transit! Your tickets are in-transit. Select 'Get tickets' then 'Track your ticket(s)' for tracking details. 
  • Delivered: Your tickets were delivered to the address you gave us. Select 'Get tickets' then 'Track your ticket(s)' for tracking details.
  • Important: If you're traveling to the event and you want your tickets delivered elsewhere, you may be able to update the delivery address. See How to update your shipping address.

Pickup tickets
  • Order Confirmed: Your tickets aren't ready yet 
  • Ready to pick up: Pick up your tickets at the Last Minute Services (LMS) location. Select 'View pick up details' for info.