Listing tickets on StubHub is easy and free! 

  1. Select 'Sell' from the home page or an event page. Log in to or create a StubHub account.
  2. Find the event and choose the date
  3. Follow the steps. If you don't know what kind of tickets you have, review Listing tickets on StubHub and different ways to deliver them so you pick the right one.
  4. Add a valid credit card (we require this to keep users safe)
  5. Choose how to get paid if the tickets sell. If you select Direct deposit, review Setting up direct deposit below.
  6. Select 'Create Listing.' You're done! We'll send you a confirmation email when they're listed.

Setting up direct deposit

  1. After listing your tickets, select 'My tickets' then Settings (on the StubHub app, tap the first drop-down menu to see it)
  2. The 'Payment' tab is automatically open. Under 'Payment options for selling tickets,' choose 'Add New Payment Method.'
  3. Select 'Bank transfer.' Follow the steps to set up a direct deposit account to receive payments.
  4. Select the 3 dots next to the payment method you added and 'Set as default.' You'll see the purple 'Default' button.