StubHub gift codes are case-sensitive. This means you need to enter them exactly as they appear (including dashes). 

You can add a StubHub gift code in your account or at checkout.

Adding a gift code to your StubHub account

  1. Go to "Profile" and select StubHub Wallet (on the StubHub app, go to "Profile" then "StubHub Wallet")
  2. Under "Add a code," enter the gift code number
  3. Select "Add"

Adding a gift code at checkout

At checkout's "Select Payment Method" page, if you:

  • Have existing coupons/credits: Under "Gift Card," check the coupon/credit you want to apply to your order
  • Want to add a gift card: Select "Manage" then "+ Gift Card" and type in the gift card number to apply to your order. Then select "Add."