Getting your Mobile transfer tickets

We'll email you when your tickets are ready. You need to accept a ticket transfer to see them on your phone. 

  1.  When you get the email the tickets are ready, it'll either have an 'Accept tickets' button or tell you to look for another email
    • The email has an Accept tickets button: Select 'Accept tickets.' Follow the steps to create an account where the tickets are stored. Use the same email you use on StubHub, and complete the steps to accept the transfer.
    • The email says to look for another email: You'll get another ticket transfer email (from Ticketmaster or the seller). This email will have an 'Accept tickets' button for you to accept the transfer. Check spam or junk folders in case you already have the transfer offer email. For more help, see Didn't get Mobile transfer ticket transfer offer email.
  2. After accepting the tickets, you're done! We recommend adding them to your Apple Wallet, Google Pay, saving the link, or bookmarking the mobile web page for easy access once you’re at the event
  3. On event day, log in to the account where the tickets are stored (where you accepted them). Show the ticket on your phone to scan it at the gate.

If you need help getting your Mobile transfer tickets, please contact us.

To share a Mobile transfer ticket with a friend

  1. Follow the steps above to accept the tickets
  2. Sign into the account where the tickets are stored (using the app or mobile web)
  3. Use the app's ticket transfer option to transfer them