We recommend double-checking a few things if you're not able to upload a PDF to your StubHub listing or sale:

  • Make sure you're only uploading the original PDF. We don't accept PDFs made from scans, photos, or paper ticket copies.
  • Is your listing is under the 'Expired' tab? If so, you can't upload tickets to an expired listing. You can delete the listing and re-post the tickets for sale so you can upload the files. See How to delete a listing for help.
  • See if the file is locked. It may have a padlock icon in the corner or say 'SECURED' at the top. To unlock the file:
    1. Drag and drop the file from your computer to a new Google Chrome window
    2. Right-click and print the PDF file in Chrome
    3. Under 'Printer Destination,' choose 'Save as PDF'
    4. Save the file to your desktop with a new name. Upload this new file.