The payment method change will be applied to both existing and new listings. It doesn’t apply to 'In Progress' payments for already sold tickets. To update your default payment method:

  1. Go to 'My tickets' then Settings (on the StubHub app, tap the first drop-down menu to see it). The 'Payment' tab is automatically open (on the StubHub app, tap the second drop-down menu to see it).
  2. Under 'Payment options for selling tickets' 
    • If you want to use another payment option already on file: Select the 3 dots then 'Set as default.' You'll see the purple 'Default' button. 
    • To enter a new payment option: Select 'Add New Payment Method.' Choose PayPal, Payoneer prepaid card, or Bank transfer, and follow the steps to complete the setup. Then, select the 3 dots and 'Set as default.' You'll see the purple 'Default' button.