If you need to change the way you deliver tickets sold on StubHub, you may be able to update the delivery method through your account. If your new ticket type isn't listed below, contact us.

Note: This feature isn't available on the StubHub app. Use a computer, and make sure you're viewing your listings through 'List view.' You won't see it with 'Grid view.'

  1. Go to 'My tickets' then Sales
  2. Find the sale. Click 'Make changes.'
  3. Select 'I need to change the ticket type.' You can choose:  
    • PDF tickets to Mobile transfer 
    • Mobile transfer to PDF tickets
    • Mobile screenshot to Mobile transfer (not available to all sellers)
    • Mobile transfer to Mobile screenshot (not available to all sellers) 
  4. Click 'Submit'

This only applies to tickets you already sold. For tickets that haven't sold yet, see Changing the ticket type on an unsold listing instead.