If we emailed you that your payment is unclaimed, your PayPal funds are waiting for you to claim them.

  1. Go to Profile > Settings > Payment
  2. Double-check the email you entered under Payment options for selling tickets. Is it correct?
    • No, it isn't the right email: Click the pencil to update it. Then contact us to reissue your payment
    • Yes, it's the right email: Your payment is with PayPal. Contact them to release the hold. 
      • New to PayPal? You may need to register the account to accept incoming deposits. Verify your PayPal account and complete your profile.
    • If you don't have a PayPal account: You can create one using that email address. The funds are already in that account.

Want to be paid through direct deposit instead of PayPal?

  1. Add your bank account info to your StubHub account through your Settings
  2. Click the Payment tab. Choose Direct deposit.
  3. Under Payment options for selling tickets, fill in your bank info
  • After you add your bank info, contact us to switch the payment