Manage your StubHub listings by going to 'My tickets' then Listings

Editing the price per ticket: See Changing the price of your StubHub listing

Changing the quantity of tickets in a listing: You can't change the number of tickets in a listing. Delete the listing and list the tickets again.

Editing a listing's section/row or comments/disclosures: Use a computer or mobile web browser. You can't update these on the StubHub app.

  1. Go to 'My Tickets' then Listings
  2. Find the listing
  3. Click 'Edit listing' 
    • Editing a section or row: Under 'What tickets do you have?' use the drop-down to choose a section. Update the row using the text field.
    • Editing comments or disclosures: Click 'Update seat features.' Check or clear the applicable boxes.
  4. Click 'Save'