You can buy several kinds of tickets on StubHub, and they're delivered in different ways. No matter how you get them, we'll email you when they're ready.

Viewing your order

Guest users 

Registered users 

  1. Go to 'My tickets' then Orders
  2. Find your order

When and how you'll get your tickets

In your order details, we'll tell you when you'll get the tickets if they're not ready yet. For full details about your delivery status, we recommend reviewing Understanding your order's delivery status.

How you get your tickets depends on the kind you bought. When viewing your order, if your tickets are:

Mobile transfer

Mobile ticket

  1. Use the StubHub app
  2. Tap 'My tickets' then the order
  3. Tap 'View ticket' to scan them at the event

Electronic or Instant download E-Ticket (PDF)

  • Remember, you need to print these tickets. Don't show them on your phone.
  • Select 'Get tickets' to download and print

Mobile or print

  • Use the StubHub app to scan them at the event like a Mobile ticket, or
  • Select 'Get tickets' to download and print them like an Electronic or Instant download eTicket (PDF) ticket


  • They'll be delivered to the address you chose when you bought them
  • We'll email you when they're in-transit so you can follow the delivery