You can delete a listing any time before the tickets sell.

On the StubHub app

  1. Go to 'Sell'
  2. Tap 'Active listings' and tap the listing
  3. Choose 'Delete' and 'Yes' to confirm

On a computer

  1. Go to 'My tickets' then 'Listings' and find your listing
  2. Click 'See actions'' then 'Delete'
  3. Click 'Yes, delete it'

Use a computer to delete a deactivated listing

  1. On the right next to the Sort drop-down menu, change the listing view from 'List view' to 'Grid view' 
  2. Click the 'Deactivated' tab
  3. Check the box next to the listing(s) you want to delete
  4. Click the 'Delete' button. To confirm, click 'Yes, delete it.'