Want to send tickets you bought on StubHub to a friend? The way you send them depends on how they were delivered to you.

Go to 'My tickets' > Orders to check your order details. If it says:

  • Mobile transfer: Follow these instructions to accept your mobile transfer tickets and then give them to a friend 
  • Mobile ticket: Use the StubHub app
    • Tap the 3 dots then 'Send ticket' to email or text the ticket to them. They'll scan the ticket from their phone.
  • Electronic or Instant download (PDF) tickets: You need to print these tickets. They won't work on your phone.
    • StubHub app: Tap the 3 dots then 'Send ticket.' Choose to email or text the PDF.
    • Desktop: In the order details, click 'Get tickets' to download the file and email it to them to print