First, log in to your guest account following Buying and viewing tickets as a guest

We recommend upgrading to a registered account by selecting the "Upgrade account" button above your Orders. 

  1. Once your account is upgraded, go to your Orders
  2. Under the order details, select "Sell your ticket" 
  3. Set your price per ticket and how to get paid 
  4. Select "List Tickets" 

Don't see this button? i
t means you already have a registered account under the same email address you used to create your guest account. 

If the tickets were delivered and are in your guest account, save them to your computer before listing. Then:  

  1. Log in to that registered StubHub account 
  2. Select "Sell." Tell us what you’re selling and select the event date. 
  3. Follow the steps and let us know: 
  4. What kinds of tickets you're selling, and how and when you'll deliver them 
  5. The seat details and how many tickets you're selling 
  6. Your price per ticket and how you'd like to be paid if they sell 
  7. We require you to list a valid credit card to keep users safe. Enter your card details and choose a preferred payment method. 
  8. Select "Create listing"