We’ve recently made some changes to how you buy tickets on StubHub as a guest. 

  • Before, we’d send you a 6-digit access code you’d use to log in and see your tickets. If you have an access code, you’ll still use it to see your tickets.

  • Going forward, guest buyers won’t need an access code. You’ll create an account using the email address used to buy the tickets. Your order will be under that account.

Check your order confirmation email for the access code. If you have one, you can view your order using the StubHub app or a computer / mobile web browser:

  • Using the most updated version of the StubHub app

    1. Tap 'My tickets'

    2. At the bottom, tap the link in 'Have an access code? Find your order'

    3. Enter your email address, the access code, and your phone number 

    4. Tap 'View order'

  • On a computer or in a mobile web browser (if the StubHub app isn't available in your country)

    1. Use the guest order lookup

    2. Enter your email address, the access code, and your phone number 

    3. On a computer, click 'Continue.' In a mobile web browser, tap 'View order.'

If you didn’t get an access code, set up your StubHub account to see your tickets:

  1. Go to 'Profile' then Sign in
    • If you’re new to StubHub: Click ‘Forgot password?’ and enter the email address you used to buy the tickets. Follow the steps to create a password and update the guest account you used to buy the tickets to a registered StubHub account.
    • If you’re an existing StubHub user: Sign in using your StubHub account credentials. The email address you sign in with should be the same one you used when buying the tickets.
  2. Go to ‘My tickets’ to see your order