To see your event status, log into your StubHub account and click 'My Tickets.' Events are designated as either: 
  • Active: Active or rescheduled events
    • You can resell your tickets on StubHub if you can't go or don't want to
    • If you relist your tickets on StubHub and they sell, we'll automatically waive the fee we normally charge sellers

  • TBA: Postponed, suspended or events pending cancelation
    • We are waiting for the event organizer to make a decision on whether to cancel or reschedule the event. You don’t need to contact us; we’ll email you when we know more.

    • Keep your current tickets in case they’re valid for the new event date

  • CanceledCanceled events
    • You don’t need to contact us; we’ll email you to confirm
    • We’ll add a coupon/credit worth 120% of your original order to your StubHub account. You can apply this to one or multiple StubHub orders in the same currency until Dec. 31, 2022.