When you relist tickets for an integrated partner on StubHub (like an MLB or NCAA game), you may have to double-check the barcodes on your listing. When an event is within 48 hours, the listing may deactivate. To fix this:

  1. Go to 'My tickets' then Orders 
  2. Click or tap 'Get tickets' to view the tickets. Copy the barcode numbers (if you bought more than one, make sure you know which barcodes belong to each seat).
  3. Go to 'My tickets' then Listings. Click the 'Deactivated' tab. On the StubHub app, tap the first drop-down and select 'Listings.' Then tap the second drop-down to select 'Deactivated.'
  4. Click or tap 'See actions' then 'Enter barcodes'
  5. Enter the barcodes you copied from your order. Click or tap 'Upload.' It will automatically update your listing and move it to the 'Active' tab.