To transfer your barcode tickets to a friend:

  1. Go to "My tickets" then Orders and find your order
  2. Select "Manage Transfers" (if the tickets can't be transferred, you won't see this button)
  3. In the "Transfer Tickets" pop-up, enter the recipient's email address twice and choose the number of tickets you want to transfer. Then, read the details and check the box to confirm you understand the information. Select "Send."
  4. We’ll email you confirmation of the transfer. We’ll also send your recipient an email with an “Accept ticket” button they need to select to get the tickets.

To accept the transfer

A recipient doesn't need a StubHub account to receive a transfer. However, they'll need to create one to have access to the tickets.

  1. The recipient should select the "Accept ticket" button in the email we sent them
  2. After they log in or create an account, they'll see the tickets under their Orders. The transfer is complete.
  3. We'll email the sender and recipient to confirm the tickets were accepted

To cancel a transfer:

  1. You can cancel a ticket transfer at any point before it's accepted by the receiver.
  2. Go to "My tickets" then Orders and find your order
  3. Select "Manage Transfers"
  4. In the "Transfer Tickets" pop-up, select "Cancel" under the transfer information. Check the box to confirm you want to cancel and select "Cancel Transfer."