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New-Look Raiders Earn Top Spot As #1 In-Demand Team of 2023 Season, Aaron Rodgers Propels Jets Sales
League sales double from 2022, Germany games fuel growing interest abroad.

The arrival of a new 2023-24 NFL season means it’s time to break down the top-selling teams, games and other trends in StubHub’s annual review analyzing sales, to-date, for the season. 

With the Super Bowl slated to take place in Las Vegas for the first time, the hometown Raiders return to the #1 position for the second time since relocating to the entertainment capital, besting the always top-selling Dallas Cowboys by 30%, who are now at #2. All three New York teams start the season with sales strong enough to make the top ten list, with the Jets accounting for the league’s biggest jump in sales over last season.

”Sales for this NFL season follow this year’s trend in surging sales for live events, with double the sales from last season, bolstered by quarterback shuffles and rising international popularity. Buyers from more than 74 countries have purchased tickets to NFL games this year, indicating tremendous popularity overseas with the Frankfurt and London games attracting buyers from 47 countries, alone; and the Jets, in particular, are trending with 5.5x the sales of last season’s start, as they set their season’s hopes on Aaron Rodgers.”

— Adam Budelli, spokesperson for StubHub

✭ StubHub’s Top 10 Most In-Demand NFL Teams of 2023
  1. Las Vegas Raiders

  2. Dallas Cowboys

  3. Miami Dolphins

  4. Pittsburgh Steelers

  5. San Francisco 49ers

  6. Philadelphia Eagles

  7. New York Jets

  8. Buffalo Bills

  9. New York Giants

  10. Kansas City Chiefs

Based on cumulative StubHub ticket sales as of September 1 for the 2023 season.

✭ StubHub’s Top 10 Most In-Demand NFL Games of 2023
  1. Pittsburgh Steelers at Las Vegas Raiders on September 24
  2. Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs - NFL Frankfurt Games 2023 on November 5
  3. Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers on October 8
  4. Green Bay Packers at Las Vegas Raiders on October 9
  5. San Francisco 49ers at Pittsburgh Steelers on September 10
  6. New York Jets at Dallas Cowboys on September 17
  7. Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears September 10
  8. Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots on September 10
  9. Kansas City Chiefs at Minnesota Vikings on October 8
  10. Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers on November 19

Based on cumulative StubHub ticket sales as of September 1 for the 2023 season.

Vegas and Miami are making their mark on the sports world, Cowboys remain strong

• The #1 Raiders jump up to the top spot from #4.

  • They are outselling the #2 Dallas Cowboys by over 30%.

  • Raiders ticket sales are up almost 3x from last season, when comparing total sales at this same time.

  • Sales are up 70% since 2021, when they were last in the #1 position.

  • Their home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers is the #1 in-demand game of the season.

  • It is outselling the #2 matchup, against the Dolphins and the Chiefs in Germany by nearly 20%.

• The Cowboys, a consistent force on the in-demand teams list, land at #2.

  • They are outselling the #3 Miami Dolphins by 20%.

  • They’ve appeared on every StubHub NFL Preview in either the #1 or #2 spot.

  • They still boast the most tickets sold than any other team, so far for this season.

  • The Cowboys appear in three of the most in-demand games of the season, more than any other team.

  • Their matchup, and historic rivalry, against the San Francisco 49ers is the #3 most in-demand game of the season.

• The #3 Miami Dolphins round out the top 3 of the most in-demand teams list.

  • They jump up 6 spots from #9 at the start of the 2022 season.

  • The Miami Dolphins have over a 3x increase in sales, when compared to this time last season.

  • They come in at #2 for the number of total tickets sold, after the Cowboys.

  • Their game against the New York Giants is the Dolphins best-selling home game of the season, outpacing their #2 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys by over 25%.

New York is ready for some football

• All three New York teams - New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, and New York Giants - are on the top in-demand team list at the same time for the first time, collectively seeing a 166% increase in sales compared to this same time last season.

  • Ticket buyers from New York come in at #2 in driving the most ticket sales for the NFL season so far, behind California buyers at #1, and are also driving the second highest sales for international games, behind Florida buyers at #1.

• The New York Giants make their debut on the top 10 list at #9, after last year’s exciting postseason appearance - the first since 2016.

  • The Giants are the only NFC team to appear in the top 5 trending teams list, seeing over a 2x increase in sales.

Vegas and Miami have become known as major sports destinations for fans to travel to in recent years and the upcoming NFL season reinforces this trend, with Raiders as the #1 most in-demand team and Dolphins with 3x the sales of the 2022 season start.”

“Cowboys - as the #2 most in-demand team - still draw, appearing in three of the top ten, highest-selling games, more than any other team, while New York teams are trending up.

— Adam Budelli, spokesperson for StubHub

✭ StubHub's Top Trending NFL Teams of 2023
  1. New York Jets 451.40%
  2. Kansas City Chiefs 316.61%
  3. Houston Texans 281.53%
  4. New England Patriots 248.29%
  5. New York Giants 240.04%
  6. Miami Dolphins 206.85%
  7. Detroit Lions 202.95%
  8. Cincinnati Bengals 201.47%
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars 191.73%
  10. Las Vegas Raiders 189.30%

Based on teams with the highest rate of increase in cumulative StubHub ticket sales for the 2023 season, as of September 1  in comparison to sales ahead of the 2022 season. Number indicates the percentage increase in ticket sales.

AFC rules the top trending teams, Jets fans place faith in Aaron Rodgers

• AFC hosts 8 out of the 10 teams on the top trending list.

• The Jets are the top trending team, seeing a 5.5x increase in sales compared to last season.

  • They also make the top in-demand list for the time ever, edging out the #9 Buffalo Bills by a little over 10%.

  • Their top-selling home game is when they host Josh Allen and the Bills Mafia on September 12.

• The Houston Texans are seeing a 3.5x increase in sales - making them the #3 trending team, after securing two of the top three draft picks, landing C.J. Stroud on offense and Will Anderson on defense.

  • Their home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on October 1 is their top-selling game of the season, outselling their next best-selling matchup against the Saints by more than 3.5x.

Chiefs ride Super Bowl win into 2023

• The Chiefs see the second biggest jump in sales as they try to become the first repeat Super Bowl champions since 2004.

• Kansas City appears on the overall most in-demand team list for the first time, after their second Super Bowl win.

  • They also appear in two of the top in-demand games of the season when they travel to Frankfurt (#2) and host the Vikings (#9).

  • Their home opener against the Detroit Lions is their best-selling home game of the season, outpacing last season’s matchup by more than 2x.

“The AFC has quite a few teams who can compete for the Super Bowl and this is part of the reason we’re seeing big numbers here with almost 13% more sales than the NFC.”

“I think we all expected the Jets to make a big jump in sales from last season, heading into 2023 given the hype around Aaron Rodgers, but we also can’t ignore the elite talent Houston grabbed in the draft on offense and defense, which appears to be driving demand.”

— Adam Budelli, spokesperson for StubHub

✭ Top 10 Countries for NFL Sales
  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. UK
  4. Germany
  5. Mexico
  6. Australia
  7. Switzerland
  8. Brazil
  9. Austria 
  10. Ireland

Based on StubHub ticket sales for the 2023 NFL regular season.

NFL 2023 International Games - Ranked by Sales
  1. Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs - Frankfurt 
  2. Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots - Frankfurt 
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Buffalo Bills - London
  4. Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans - London 
  5. Atlanta Falcons vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - London

Based on StubHub ticket sales for the NFL International Series.

NFL draws strongest global audiences, boosted by international games

• Buyers for all NFL games this season are coming from 74 different countries.

  • Buyers represent over 50% more countries than last year (which was 49 countries).

• Increase in demand for international games is driving the globalization of the sport.

  • Total sales for this year’s five international games are up 90% compared to this same time last year.

  • Buyers from 47 countries have purchased tickets to the international games in Frankfurt and London.

  • The game in Frankfurt is this season’s #2 most in-demand game - across all league games, with a strong trend of fans traveling for the games.

  • The matchup between the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs is outselling all international games in 2022 and boasts over 67% more sales than last year's game in Germany.

  • It is outselling the #2 best-selling international game, the matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots in Frankfurt, by 2.5x.

  • Florida accounts for the most ticket sales for buyers traveling from the U.S. to games abroad, and is outpacing the #2 state, New York, by almost 10%.

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins are both playing overseas this year, with the Jaguars playing in 2 games.

• Domestic games are also driving increased international tourism, seeing buyers from 57 other countries, up from 42 last year.

“A trend we’ve continued to watch year over year is the increased globalization of the league’s fanbase.”

“Some of this year’s growth is driven by U.S. fans but much of it is growing interest from sports fans abroad, which follows an overall global trend we’re also seeing - people using live events as a motivation to travel.”

— Adam Budelli, spokesperson for StubHub

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