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Concert culture is shifting, proliferating all parts of our lives from fashion to travel. In fact, much of it is driven by the female power acts we saw this summer, which drove record summer sales numbers for us. And while Taylor and Beyoncé led the charge, it was the fans who created an undeniable sense of community at each and every show - dressing the part, living in the moment, and letting themselves feel all the feels.

In a survey that spanned generations, we took a look at consumer behavior trends and sentiment shifts around live events - here’s what we found:



Over half of Gen Z (60%) respondents would skip major life events to be front row to see their favorite artist perform live – the events they would be most likely to skip are:
  • The birth of a family member (26%)
  • A planned vacation (26%) 
  • Friend’s wedding (23%) 
  • Sibling’s graduation (21%)

Taking the day off. 43% of Gen Z would call in sick to work to attend a concert or a championship game, compared to 31% of millennials.

Front Row is Better Than...

Nearly half of Gen Z (43%) would give up alcohol for six months for the chance to be in the front row to see their favorite artist perform live.
  • 34% would give up caffeine.
  • 24% would give up sex.

Live events drive human connection

First Dates. 41% of Gen Z and millennials have been on a first date to a sports game; 37% have been on a first date to a concert.
  • Half of millennials (47%) have had a first date at a live event, more than any other generation.
  • Gen Z and millennials have had double the number of first dates at sports games, compared to Gen X and Boomers.

Hook Ups. One in five Gen Z and millennial respondents (20%) would be more likely to hook up with a date after going to a concert together.

Me Time. 20% of millennials have attended a concert alone, the most of any generation.

Sorry co-workers. People would rather go to their team’s championship game alone (20%) than go with a work colleague (8%).


First concerts are just as memorable as the first time abroad

US adults (26%) named their first concert as a better memory over:
  • Their first kiss (23%)
  • First Job (20%)

First concerts are on par with first time traveling internationally (27%).

Millennials drive nostalgia

of millennials say they would attend a performance by the band or artist from the very first concert they attended, more than any other generation.

Save Your Tears

of Gen Z have cried at a concert, followed by millennials at 17%.

Gen Z likes to share

of Gen Z has video-called a friend while at a sports game or concert compared to 22% of millennials, 10% of Gen X, and only 3% of boomers.

Sing Along

Gen X (29%) and boomers (30%) sing the loudest in the car.
Gen Z (26%) and millennials (24%) sing the loudest at concerts.

Instant Gratification

Gen Z (25%) and millennials (28%) prefer to hear their favorite song first at a concert compared to Gen X (16%) and boomers (14%).


Themed concert outfits are growing in popularity

Gen Z and millennials have purchased themed outfits for concerts 2.5x more than Gen X and 6x more than boomers.

Living in the moment

78% of people say they like to put their phone down when their favorite song plays, rather than record it to be able to watch later.

Gen X is most likely to buy artist merch at a show

42%, more than any other generation.

Gen Z likes to show off on social media

Nearly half of Gen Z (48%) respondents like to post a selfie, their outfit, or a photo of themselves with friends on social media when attending a live event, with only 22% reporting to post actual content of the event.


Live events encourage travel

The most popular reason for Gen Z and millennials (28%) to travel on their own expense to a city where they have no friends or family is to attend a concert or sports game.

Younger people are more interested in experiences on vacation

Gen Z (26%) is more likely to purchase tickets for a live event happening at their destination, compared to Gen X and boomers (both at 16%).
  • Gen Z are planning more excursions/classes (36%) and live events (26%) when on vacation over any other generation.

Survey Methodology

The online survey was conducted by YouGov, in partnership with StubHub, in July 2023 with 2,468 adults across the US, ranging in age from 18–93. Gen Z in this survey are between the ages of 18–26, Millennials 27–42, Gen X 43–58, and Boomers 59–77.

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